statement ceiling chandelier

Make the Most of the Architectural and Period Features

If your office is in a period building make the most of the architectural and period features to help create a luxury office design. Painting features in a colour that contrasts with your walls and ceiling makes them stand out. Enhance these features with a statement chandelier or pendant. The contrast will look beautiful and draw any visitor’s eyes towards the ceiling to admire the whole space.

luxury table lamp

Avoid Standard Office Lighting

Opt for lighting you would see in a restaurant or home such as pendants and chandeliers combined with table lights, wall lights, niche and bookshelf lighting and some spots. The overuse of spots will create a more standard commercial look which, in a luxury office, is best avoided.

luxury office bookcase & shelving

Include a Few Feature Pieces of Furniture

Try to include a few feature pieces of furniture such as a beautiful bookcase or shelving divider between spaces with books, accessories and plants dotted about. If it’s a divider, don’t overcrowd it with items so you can still see through it and keep the sense of flow between the spaces.

executive office chairs with luxurious upholstery

Use Executive Office Chairs With Luxurious Upholstery

For each desk use executive office chairs with luxurious upholstery. Not only will the soft to touch upholstery be extremely comfortable it creates an expensive look. Velvets, especially textured ones, are a good option.

small tables and moveable seating for the office

Invest in Beautiful Reception Furniture

Invest in beautiful reception furniture that sets the scene for the rest of the office space and creates a wow factor for the first impression. Not only will it be comfortable for your visitors but it will look stylish too. A cluster of small tables and moveable seating, as shown with the ottoman in this photo, are practical as well for allowing large groups to sit together and to keep separate if you are seating individuals only.

door handles on office cupboard units

Use Interesting Door Handles

Use interesting door handles, especially on cupboard units such as in the kitchen, to elevate the look. Detail is very important and architectural hardware detailing such as well-chosen handles and light switches can change the look and feel of an interior when options with beautiful metal finishes, such as brass here, are used rather than standard finishes.

timber flooring in an interesting pattern with marble inlays or borders and brass trims

Change the Flooring

If you can change the flooring, use timber flooring in an interesting pattern with marble inlays or borders and brass trims for an extra luxurious touch. Combining chevron patterned timber flooring with antique bronze trims in two widths and a marble border is a smart luxe look for an office.

statement textured wallpaper

Use Wallpaper in Your Office

Use wallpaper rather than paint in certain key areas to add texture to the walls and enrich the surfaces. Statement wallpaper in the reception area behind the reception desk is a good spot for this. Another way to add texture and layers of luxury is by adding panelling with wallpaper applied within it. It is a simple way to create a beautiful and luxurious look. For low budgets timber or marble effect wallpaper can create an instant luxury look.

Use Curtains

Use curtains (solid and sheer) where appropriate rather than blinds, especially slatted blinds which are a stereotypical office look. This is more of a plush residential look and really adds to the look and feel.

marble topped cupboard with antique bronze grille & round lamp

Incorporate Grilles and Vents into Furniture

Make modern amenities discreet by incorporating grilles and vents into furniture in a finish that blends with the materials or in a metal such as antique brass. In this marble topped cupboard we installed A/C and inserted an antique bronze grille on the top which is discreet as the colour blends with the marble. It is practical, stylish and inconspicuous.