shalini misra founder the design buzz

Already well-known for combining interior design and architecture to create spectacular environments, Shalini Misra’s latest project involves bringing exquisite designer homeware & luxury home accessories to an audience of homeowners, designers, and creatives.

Founded in 2020, The Design Buzz came about in response to regular enquiries from friends, family, and clients who were eager to know where to source the best pieces for their own homes.

While working as an internationally acclaimed interior designer, Shalini Misra and her team came across an array of talented artisans and craftspeople. Building a network of suppliers in the UK and overseas, Shalini routinely sought out spectacular furniture and decorative pieces to enhance designs and add the finishes touches to a client’s home or workspace.

Curating up and coming talent, and making their work available to the public seemed like a natural extension of Shalini’s work and, thus, The Design Buzz was born. Using her expertise and unique insight, Shalini has selected a range of artists to showcase on the site. Featuring the highest quality home items, furniture, and accessories, The Design Buzz brings artists and homeowners together.

“The Design Buzz is a celebration of the characters and companies that we know that bring wonderful items of all kinds to our homes”

Having trained as an architect at the Delhi School of Architecture, the University of Colombia in New York, and the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, Shalini’s unique experience and expertise ensures she is perfectly placed to recognise up-and-coming artists, designers, and companies that can deliver exquisite quality, optimal functionality, and spectacular aesthetics.

Furthermore, her award-winning work around the world, combined with a raft of accolades, makes Shalini well-placed to meet with burgeoning craftsmen and women who are often overlooked by the mainstream. As a result, you’ll find a unique, eclectic, and enticing range of furniture, home items, and accessories at The Design Buzz that’s hand selected by Shalini and her team.

Already named one of the top 100 interior designers in House & Garden, Shalini continues to offer her services as an interior architecture and designer while taking an active role as the Creative Director of The Design Buzz.

As well as being a British Institute of Interior Design (BIID) committee member, Shalini sits on several boards and acts as a trustee and mentor of the Vahani Scholarship Trust, a UK non-profit organisation that works with underprivileged children.

Dedicated to creating inspiring spaces that optimise well-being, promote sustainability, and enrich lives, Shalini brings her energy, creativity, and talent to the fore via The Design Buzz and looks forward to helping people find fixtures, furniture, and accessories to enhance their surroundings and bringing lesser-known artists to a new audience.