Why does an interior catch your eye? Is it beautiful wallpaper, a unique piece of furniture or ever thought that it could be the nature that surrounds you within the space?

Not too sure….well read on for some interior inspiration on how adding greenery to your interiors isn’t just beneficial for your health but also is simply a brilliant colour to decorate with! Just ask Pantone who named it the colour of the year for 2017!

The devil is in the detail……

Whether you go for mint, avocado, pear, sage or grass green, green is relaxing, inviting and energising. And once you have the perfect shade of green, it can work perfectly in any home when accompanied by the right accents.

green accent chair and wooden table design green accent dinging chair

Image credit: Shalini Misra Limited

An accent chair is a great way to add a pop of colour to your interior design. It could be as simple as adding a dining chair, which brings through an intriguing elegance whilst capturing a colour that embodies the strength of nature’s forces and beauty.

Non green-fingered friends, don’t fear!

If you’ve got the kiss of death when it comes to plants, you can still bring a foliage flourish into your space.

Succulents have been something of a trend for a while now, popping up on Instagram tucked away terracotta pots on #shelfies.  By nature, these are hardy plants, meaning they can survive different environments, and also survive a bit of neglect (!!) so a perfect choice for those of us that aren’t quite so green fingered.  In terms of interiors they are a perfect accessory to decorate with…..Use them to spruce up your coffee or side tables!

succulents in glass vase

Image credit: Pintrest

Vertical Greenery

If you don’t have a skylight or any way of adding one to your house, a live wall or green divider can give your home a wonderful and unique feel.

Interior greenery and especially live walls don’t have to occupy your precious floor space. A green wall artwork or a vertical planter system would more than suffice in bringing a piece of primal atmosphere to your house.

azuma makoto vertical planter system

Image credit: Azuma Makoto

Floors, Floors, Floors

beautifully inset tile shalini misra

Image credit: Shalini Misra Limited

This season sees green tendrils unfurling across curtains, cushions and floors, yes floors!!

Bring a fresh touch to your interiors without having to worry about watering….How can you say no!

A beautifully inset tile can work wonders to an entrance way to make it not only a welcoming space but an interesting one too!

Enhance Your Office With Plants

When you enhance your office with plants, you’re not just adding greenery, you are boosting your health. Why? Plants essentially do the opposite of what we do when we breathe: release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide!

So not only do they freshen up the air, but studies have shown that the manner in which living organisms interact with your body, mind and environment, help to reduce stress and improve concentration and productivity (by up to 15 percent!).

They also make individuals view their work space more positively – making them perfect for not just your home but your work space, too.


soften strong stone walls with lush garden greens historic stately hallway shalini misra

Image credit: Shalini Misra Limited

Soften strong stone walls with lush garden greens. The historic features of this stately hallway have been complemented by distinctive and unique wallpaper. Lush, digitally printed wisteria flowers make a stunning statement, framing the room beautifully. Grass green curtains pick out the ombre effect while plenty of lush house plants and wicker furniture complete the Georgian conservatory style.

greenery trend bold pattern bathroom shalini misra

Image credit: Shalini Misra Limited

Happily, the greenery trend isn’t restricted to living things.

Adding a bold pattern to a space considered to be quite boring, such as your bathroom, will definitely add excitement to your everyday routine!

Unique Designed Pots For Your Plants

There is no better way of giving every day plants a little visual boost than with some unusual-looking pots. These come in all sorts of designs, shapes and materials. The Hidden Gallery, are a great source of inspiration for this. Look out for the great collaboration between Shalini Misra and Mike and Preeti Knowles.  With such beautiful pots, modern planters truly deserve their own place within the home.

the hidden gallery shalini misra mike preeti knowles beautiful pots modern planters home

Image credit: The Hidden Gallery

Indoor Urban Tropico – Indoor Gardens

Indoor gardens have become widespread in contemporary architecture along with preservation of site flora. It is a beautiful way to render your home eco-friendly.

indoor urban tropico architectural digest

Image credit: Architectural Digest

Since most living things typically need some sunlight, skylights and huge windows, tend to accompany indoor gardens to give interior greenery its dose of rays.

This design element is as gorgeous as it is practical.

AND LASTLY…Remember that flowers will always add that last-minute touch of elegance to you space.

flowers in a vase shalini misra

Image credit: Shalini Misra Limited