Luxury Interior Design

Shalini Misra Ltd is a multi-award-winning interior design studio based in London. Specialising in luxury interiors, interior architecture and creative direction, our studio works on high end residential projects, commercial developments and hospitality brands worldwide.

Exquisite projects

With a focus on sustainability and wellbeing, our team have worked on projects across the globe ranging from villas in Dubai to apartments in New York, and developments in London. Our technical and creative range also incorporates commercial design for high-end offices, boutique hotels, restaurants and exhibition spaces.



Multi-award winning interior designer Shalini Misra has launched Curio, a new digital destination for art, craft and design. As its founder and creative director, Misra created Curio as a place to showcase the work of the talented craftspeople that she has discovered during her three decades working on interior design projects around the world.

The craftspeople, top designers and makers that Misra has assembled are united not by a shared geography, style or typology but by their exceptional creativity, unrivalled skill and dedication to their craft. The handmade objects they create are not only beautiful to look at, but also carry stories of cultures, materials, tools and techniques. Above all, Curio serves as a growing but tightly curated community for makers to share their work with a wider audience. In doing so, Misra hopes to support and preserve their remarkable craft skills for generations to come.

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