Is there a better excuse for a home refresh than the New Year? When a new year comes around, people often feel inspired to revamp areas in their houses to feel fresh and reinvigorated to start the year off positively. There are lots of ways you can do this, and the following post explores the best ideas for breathing new life into any house.

Move with the Seasons

The easiest way to keep your home in style and refreshed is to move with the seasons. This could be as big or as small as you like from a new paint job all over to simply switching up the accents and accessories. The next season upon us is the spring, and there is no time like the present to jump on board and explore what that means for your home. Find some relevant floral arrangements to put out on a statement hallway table, or discover spring scents from candles and more to bring it all together. Spring is all about new life, and that is a great vibe to channel for this project.

Explore Statement Wall Décor

statement wall decoration

When was the last time you changed what’s on your walls? Never mind the paint, although wallpaper and paint are certainly important, it’s what you hang on them that ties everything together. The room does not feel complete until it has at least a few things hanging about to catch the eye. Statement wall décor is anything from artwork to a beautiful mirror display. It does not have to be garish; it can indeed be as subtle as what suits your personal style pallette. As long as it’s there, that’s what is truly important.

Discover a New Layout

Moving on from the walls, how about switching up the whole layout of a key room? Something so small as moving your couch to a different position can make the entire space feel like a new room. It can open up space that you didn’t realize was there, and bring you out of that funk that you’re stuck in by opening up some potential. Plus, swapping the layout is a good opportunity to bring in some new pieces and do a deep clean as well.

Try a Complete Colour Change

retouched colour in living room

The color of any area can dictate your mood. The two are closely intertwined, and there are positive colors that bring warmth and foster happiness vs. ones that make you feel cold and even depressed. So, if you are searching for a way to refresh your home after the year has finished, changing your color scheme might be the perfect solution for the whole house. If you were feeling brave enough, you could even paint the exterior too.

Focus On Storage

One of the most simple ways to make a space feel refreshed and renewed is to focus on decluttering messes and increasing storage. Remove all the mess, decide to get the house in order, and look for some storage channels that you didn’t have previously. Having everything tidy, ordered and where it should be is an irreplaceable feeling. It will change the vibe of any area and is a good place to fill in the blanks that might have made your room feel unfinished before. Start by doing the following:

  • Take out all the rubbish
  • Focus on things that you have to keep vs. things you don’t need at all
  • If something does not have a place, find one for it instead of accepting the mess
  • Consider investing in a new storage unit that fits in with your décor theme
  • Rechannel your energy into making space and clearing areas so that it is easier to relax

Upcycle and Revamp Furniture

living room furniture

Alternatively, there is always the option of upcycling your current furniture to make it feel ready for a new year of possibilities. Upcycling can be done on anything from a table to a curtain rail, and everything in between. There are no rules, and this is a space where you can really tap into your creative side and let your personality shine through as well.  You could do anything from the list below:

  1. Change the upholstery on your main couch or seating.
  2. Strip back a wooden table and try some vibrant paint or pattern.
  3. Repurpose an old set of drawers or cupboard into something entirely different.

Treat Yourself

gold pendant lighting

A big part of freshening up your home is to do with how it impacts your mood and emotional well-being. That is why it’s important to treat yourself throughout the process so you can create the ultimate den of peace with positive vibes.

Focus On What’s Already There

When it comes to a revamp, not everyone has a huge budget to play with. For people with a smaller fund, it helps to get more creative with your approach. A good way to do this is to use what is already there in the background. You’ll be amazed at what you find when you go actively seeking. Old mirrors can play a new part as a main feature in a hallway, or old furniture can be made into a notice panel area. There are a million ideas here if you are fancying a more bespoke project to bring old bits and bobs back to life as well.

Tips for a Smooth Revamp

With any project, it is important to know how to stay on track. There are thankfully a million ways you can do this from vision boards to trial runs. Never lose sight of your goal, and do take inspiration from creative designers that are inspired by daily life. If you are not sure where to start, think small and build from there. Sometimes, the trick is just starting and seeing where it takes you. It might take a bit of research and some experimenting to get things perfect, but the time and effort you put into the planning will make it all worth it in the end.


Refreshing your home for 2023 is an easy task. With all the options at your fingertips, you are spoilt for choice. Pick any area and get started — it doesn’t matter if it’s a new coat of paint or a complete mix-up, as even the smallest changes can make the biggest difference to how you feel and how it looks.