In interiors, chairs aren’t just somewhere to relax at the end of the day, but are also a vehicle to excite, diversify or freshen up a space. From funky fabrics to innovative designs, chairs come in a vast variety of styles and can help individualize the home.

Whether its dining room chairs, sofas or loungers, Shalini Misra often uses visually interesting and atypical seating in her projects. See below how she incorporates these pieces in her work to create alluring spaces.

Apartment Up in the Clouds

Located in one of New York City’s many skyscrapers, this high rise apartment pans across the Manhattan skyline which creates the feeling of being up in the clouds. The addition of this unconventional hanging sofa helps to enliven the room and further the sensation of floating.

living room swing

Hammock By Window
Chair Credit Hammock chair by Jim Zivic – Bespoke by SML

Though the muted colour palette and traditional patterns of this sofa are inkeeping with the classical style and colour scheme of the rest of the London living room, the floating effect adds a modern accent to the space and delivers the element of surprise!

Chair Credit: Clients own

Furniture as Art

In this Chelsea home, this set of swings reject form follows function and instead are intended as a form of art. The hanging chains and glass bottom provide an industrial feel and aesthetically interesting element to the living space.

This out-of-the-box concept adds a unique detail to any room and invites conversation!

Mona Hatoum Swings Mona Hatoum Swings Close Up
Image Credit: Mona Hatoum Swings

Fabrics to Demand Attention!

From bold colours to eclectic patterns, taking a simple armchair and reupholstering it with a new fabric can help spruce up any room. Not only does this method provide a more eco-friendly way of redecorating, it also means that you can create something that is one of a kind.

yellow armchair
Chair Credit: Clients own

The options for customization are endless, and with this striking armchair in the Decorex Champagne Bar, the addition of feathers creates a piece of furniture that is truly enchanting.

cocktail chairs
Chair Credit: Jacky Puzey cocktail chair

Innovative Designs

Fabric is not the only method of adding more flair to the home, however. By incorporating pieces with unconventional forms, you can really diversify a space.

This lounger, designed by architect Oscar Niemeyer, with its free-flowing form is an alluring piece that serves as both seating and art.

Bijou Living
Chair Credit: Bijou Living

In this Mayfair apartment, the addition of this black armchair provides contrast to its light surroundings, and the strong lines of the wooden panels delivers on the drama.

Chaise Maurice armchair by David/Nicholas
Chair Credit: Chaise Maurice armchair by David/Nicholas

Art doesn’t simply have to be the pictures we hang on the walls and function does not have to compromise style. The furniture we choose to put in our homes can be used just as effectively as artwork to add more oomph and excitement!