Throughout 2022, Hellenistic Revival has become one of the top trend predictions for 2022 on Pinterest, based on the searches that users of this social platform have made. It’s not surprising, based on the ‘Dark Academia’ aesthetic revival during the COVID-19 pandemic, that saw both students and professionals focusing on romanticising their studies and home working spaces to better cope with spending increasing time indoors in front of their digital devices.

The Hellenistic Revival style brings a range of elements from the Hellenistic period into existing home décor, for a look that Ancient Greece heavily influences. Greek-inspired interior design enthusiasts welcome anything reminiscent of this time, from Corinthian columns and bust statues to wallpapers with neoclassical-inspired designs. This interior design style is inspired heavily by the décor of Ancient Greece, Greco-Roman art, mythical representations of gods, and sculptures.

What is Hellenistic Design?

Hellenistic design is a style that has been inspired heavily by Ancient Greece. It’s characterised by temple-like elements in your home, such as columns, ornate trims, busts, rich colours, and mythical décor. Anyone wanting to experiment with this design style is encouraged to take a step back in time to Ancient Greece while not forgetting about the modern elements that can be incorporated into the design to make it feel comfortable and cosy in any home.

Why is Hellenistic Design Making a Comeback?

The Hellenistic design was hugely popular in homes and public buildings during the 1980s as a style that oozed luxury with stunning columns and gorgeous busts. The trend is back for 2022 and onwards, according to Pinterest. The social media platform has seen a huge increase in search terms related to Hellenistic-related design, including searches for ‘Corinthian columns’ that have increased by 40%, and searches for ‘Green statue art’ three times as popular compared to in the past.

Designers suspect the trend is re=emerging due to a growing need and desire for fantastical spaces at home. Although the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions have come to an end, many people have found themselves spending more time cooped up indoors over the past few years, and with home working continuing despite the pandemic restrictions no longer being in place, people are gravitating towards bringing more fantasy-inspired elements into their homes as they are spending more time there. The Hellenistic revival is a way to help us feel more inspired at home or escape from reality while creating a luxurious, relaxing environment in the home.

Encouraging Luxury

After a few challenging years, it is no surprise that more and more people want to bring a touch of luxury to their homes. Art and sculpture have been increasing in popularity in homes worldwide since 2020 when a large portion of the population spent more time at home than ever before. The Hellenistic décor style combines a range of fantastical elements to create a design for the home that feels transformational, luxurious, and rejuvenating. And there are several ways to bring the Hellenistic Revival trend into your home, from simple décor changes to bolder, more drastic renovations.

Rich Colours

decorex champagne bar design chandelier

decorex champagne bar design chandelier

One of the main characteristics of the Hellenistic Revival interior design style is a rich colour palette. Throughout 2020 and beyond, we have seen a move from grey interiors to more decadent, bolder colours or warm neutrals. Colour is one of the simplest ways to transform any room, and the right combination of colours in the room, from paints or even furnishings, can take you to the Mediterranean. When it comes to the Hellenistic Revival décor trend, the main colour choices include a combination of black and white intertwined with rich blue hues and stunning gold details. Terracotta and rich olive colours also make a serious comeback, adding warmth and comfort to any room in your home.

Corinthian Columns and Greek Trims

Hellenistic revival is a trend that is all about transforming your home into a temple, and the best way to achieve this is with ornate architecture and décor items. Intricate moulding and bevelled ceiling medallions are coming back around, and the best part is that they are easy to achieve without completely renovating your home and knocking walls down. Today, you can find peel-and-stick options, polystyrene coving, and other easy-to-install options that won’t ruin the walls.

Statue Art and Busts

While peak lockdown season saw a lot of ‘bum’ vases and candles sculpted into female body forms, those are ‘out’ when it comes to décor trends, and celebrating the human form in a more timeless way is in. More detailed, Grecian-inspired sculptures are a fabulous addition to any room, and what’s even better is that you can use them to add gods, goddesses, and heroes into your interior design. You can display busts and statues as standalone ornaments in your home, or even find sculpted candles.

Neoclassical Inspired Wallpaper

Hallway South Audley Street

Hallway South Audley Street

Over the past few years, chintz and chinoiserie have been quite popular in interior design. Still, a more romantic and moodier version of this aesthetic is starting to emerge recently. Neoclassical-inspired wallpaper is a simple way to add the Hellenistic revival trend to your home. Whether you’re going for a stunning Hellenistic-inspired feature wall or want to wallpaper an entire room, look for symbols associated with Greek gods and goddesses, such as the doves and roses associated with Aphrodite, and colours that remind you of a Greek sunset, such as pink, pale green, and any shade of blue.

Palm Leaves

One popular element of Hellenistic design is faux or real palm leaves, which can add the finishing touches to your décor. Add them to vases, baskets, or tables, or even use palm leaves wallpaper in your home. Faux springs and olive trees are another popular Grecian-inspired décor choice for the home, allowing you to add more greenery while creating an authentic Mediterranean look.

Hellenistic design is a luxurious, fun design trend that designers are happy to see coming back. It’s perfect for creating a relaxing yet opulent home space that inspires you.