blue sofa and coffee table

How To Incorporate Antiques In Your Home

When looking to add a piece of furniture to your home why not look at buying antiques. To add depth to your existing decor a few old pieces can often make a pleasant change compared to more modern pieces. It can be a challenge though, the idea of mixing antique items into your home but there are plenty of places to get tips from to help you make the right choice for your living room’s decor.

Consider Using Antique Rugs In Your Home

Antique rugs are great at adding depth and warmth to any space especially on wooden floors. Rugs can ground a room as well as adding a splash of colour especially to monotone spaces. Rugs are easier to keep clean too compared to carpets as you can simply transport it to any specialist cleaner without hiring in a carpet cleaner.

antique rug

Look at Mixing and Matching Various Styles

Antiques can create a nice contrast in a house where perhaps everything matches. If you are struggling with coming up with ideas of building a cohesive design why not look at hiring the services of an interior designer to help. Here at Shalini Misra we work with clients all the time on their interior design to help create spaces that meets their aesthetic and functional needs.

Adding Antique Lighting Helps Emphasise the Vintage Look

Adding to your home an antique lamp or authentic chandelier means you are doing what modern lights are trying to replicate anyway. Look at focusing on wall and floor lamps as these give wonderful accents without the worry of overwhelming other elements in the room that make up your overall design. To emphasise the vintage look consider using LED bulbs.

antique lamp and authentic chandelier lighting

Look at Renovating Your Antiques

Think about restoring any antiques, even though you may feel that antiques are better left in their original condition. Consider also the idea of using an expert to restore any antiques that have been damaged in any way to their former glory. You could also use this as an opportunity to make them fit into an available space a little better. Old furniture for example may need reupholstering. However, you can still keep the original furniture intact whilst choosing a modern fabric to meet your style.

Choose Just One Small Piece

Choosing just one small piece of antique furniture to add to your space is sometimes the best choice. Small items such as antique vases can make a lovely addition to your space, and certainly packs a punch. Aim to add single items of antiques to your space instead of overwhelming the room with too many to allow that piece to shine. An antique dressing table or desk for example can do wonders to any modern bedroom design, and to add that special feel.

antique dressing table and chair

How to Create Ambient Lighting in a Bar or Restaurant

Lighting plays a central role in interior décor and understanding the rules of proper lighting is even more important when you’re running a bar or restaurant. Lighting dictates the mood and atmosphere of any establishment just as much as the architectural design. Proper ambient lighting will set the tone of your bar or restaurant’s ambiance and have a direct influence on your patrons’ experience. Here are a few tips on how to effectively create ambient lighting in a bar or restaurant.

Make Lighting a Centre of Your Design

Lighting should never be an afterthought. It should be part of the design of the building and of every room and a factor in every design decision from the beginning. Not only will it affect the way your restaurant or bar is lit but will affect logistical decisions like the location of electrical outlets, seating arrangements, and even the height of tables, among other things.

If you want a uniform aesthetic, design lighting fixtures like chandeliers or specialty light fixtures that fit in from the very start. If you want an example, you can see what we did with the Chakra Riverside Restaurant. We were able to diffuse lighting through the whole dining room by adding uniform bright orbs to the ceiling and pendant lights to select areas. This makes sure that every table is properly illuminated without being overwhelming.

Chakra Riverside Restaurant Lighting Shalini Misra

Use Natural Light as Much as You Can… Or Go Bright

Knowing how to borrow natural light and use it to your advantage is also essential. Natural lighting always beats artificial lighting and will add to your bar or restaurant’s atmosphere. Position your most important tables near windows and keep the light fixtures to a minimum. This is the approach we took when designing the Chakra Kensington location. We arranged the booth seating right next to the large windows and added pendant lights over smaller tables, making sure to add shades to the windows to make sure the light coming in isn’t too glaring.

Chakra Kensington Restaurant Lighting Shalini Misra

If this isn’t an option, you’ll want to look into bright, white lighting. This is especially useful in food preparation areas, in the kitchen, and anywhere where you want to display food. Bars and restaurants with open kitchens will most certainly want to make use of bright lighting. Proper kitchen lighting should enable chefs to see what they are doing at all times. When done correctly, it can help to boost kitchen performance and improve safety.

Highlight What You Want to Show Off

Direct lighting is key when you want to highlight particular areas. Use direct lighting where you’re displaying food, such as salad bars and items you want to sell, be it a dessert shelf or array of alcoholic beverages. Use coloured lights sparingly, and always make certain these choices match your décor and atmosphere.

Direct lighting and accent lights can draw attention to architectural features and decorative items. Direct lights and large lighting arrays over a bar will attract people to it, whereas leaving it in the dark will prevent them from approaching it. You can see this in how we designed the Decorex Champagne Bar. The brilliant chandelier and red cloth behind is the visual centrepiece of the room, and it invites guests to approach while capturing the attention of anyone in the building.

Decorex Champagne Bar Lighting Shalini Misra

Use Lighting to Create Separate Atmospheres

We discussed above the importance of using bright lighting in the kitchen, and more natural light within the dining area. However, if your restaurant opens during the evening, you’ll need to take this one step further. While you will still need stark white lights in the kitchen, you can use cosier lights in the dining area to create a separate atmosphere that is cosy and comfortable, and gives it a more intimate feel.

Use darker lighting in intimate booths, and warm, yellow lighting in the bar area. You may also want to look into optics lighting to show off your spirits and make it easier for customers to see what drinks you have available when ordering personally from the bar. Not only will this help to create separate atmospheres within your restaurant, but it will also help to make your dining area look larger, and more inviting.

Proper lighting is the perfect addition to any decor. If you want your clients to feel at home in your bar or restaurant, make sure to never neglect the importance of lighting and make it a central part of your design from the get-go.

6 Design Obsessions From The PAD 2018

Just like the Silk Route once connected powerful fabric merchants between Asia, Middle East and Europe, today the PAD is a place where the paths of 20th century design dealers, collectors and interior designers intersect.

For the 12th time a monumental white pavilion reappeared on Berkeley Square to gather 68 exhibitors specializing in modern and vintage furniture, art, ceramics, lighting and jewelry. With a noticeable shift towards 20th century decorative arts, this year’s fair was a real treat for Shalini Misra’s team to attend. We have rounded up for you some of the most striking themes.

1. Galactic Odyssey

Known for his penchant for sculptural furnishings and jewelry as well as multiple fashion collaborations with Dior or Guerlain, Hervé van der Straeten introduced himself to the audience as a fearless spatial explorer at this year’s PAD. His iridescent console ‘Borderline’, piercing across the wall with its sharp geometric pieces, made us wonder what might be hiding on the other side of this spatial collision.

Iridescent Console Borderline

Resting somewhere between meteorite debris and volcanic lava, the surface of Fernando Mastrangelo’s mirror ‘Flood’ is certainly something to examine with a true explorer's caution. Its vast reflexive surfaces invite us to take a spacewalk with the tips of our fingers along its unpenetrated edges. That is what Rossana Orlandi, the avant-garde-minded Milanese curator, would most likely expect from the modern collectors: to turn from passive observers to active explorers.

Francesco Perrini Flood Mirror Design

2. Voluptuous Curves

Avant-garde sensuality is what people dream about. Nothing seem to echo this sentiment better than voluptuously curvaceous sofas that speak with audacity and gentleness all at once. At Galerie Alexandre Guillemain you can now embrace their soft sculptural qualities.

Curvy1 two straight sofas

For those craving liberation from a rectangular arrangement of two straight sofas mirroring each other, Vladimir Kagan’s floating wonder is a perfect solution. This 1952 avant-garde design not only helps to break up the hard lines of modern interiors but also creates a sense of enclosure that connects people within an intimate circle.

Curvy2 Adrian Pearsall white velvet and American walnut lounge chair

Curves have another quality: they seem to float in a space enveloping and lifting everything and everyone around them. Adrian Pearsall used white velvet and American walnut to create an impression of a billowing cloud that swells into a form of a lounge chair.

Curvy3 Garouste & Bonetti’s Koala sofa

Silhouettes of curvy designs have one more clear advantage - they echo the physiognomy of human body. Garouste & Bonetti’s ‘Koala’ sofa is both ergonomically sculptural and elegantly cocooning. The soft, yielding velvet demands to be set free from any potential angular frameworks that may hinder its free-flowing motion. Swelling like sails in the wind, this 1995 French design injects a sense of movement not only in our interiors but also in our veins.

3. Mounting Murals

They weren’t afraid to take the risk. Valerio Capo and Sam Pratt, co-founders of London’s Gallery Fumi, went ahead with their unusual venture in the midst of 2008 economic deflation and proved that with a powerful idea, passion, impeccable craftsmanship and young talent anything is possible. 10 years later mural designs by one of their curated artists were at the very heart of the PAD’s fervent discussions. Rowan Mersh’s ‘Fluens Aeris’ was truly hypnotic, to say the least. Created with rolled brass tubes of various calibers and lengths, this piece gave Mersh a chance to experiment with fluid movements set within hard construction.  

mural rolled brass tubes

Even more fluidity and softness can be found in Mersh’s ‘Placuna Mini’, a sculptural assemblage that uses capiz shells to enhance a truly tactile experience. One thing is clear: Mersh approaches nature and organic materials from a place of unfeigned inquisitiveness. Each millimeter of his detailed piece speaks with the strength of patient observation and unyielding dedication to craftsmanship.  

mural capiz shells

Another gallery that seduced us with intricately crafted wall pieces was Paris-based Maria Wettergren. Despite the fragile translucent quality, or perhaps, because of it, the textile sound-absorbing sculpture by CecilIe Bendixen created a powerful whirlpool of modern desire.

mural wall pieces

4. Soft Blues

With the recent ado around award-winning blue, it comes as no surprise that the PAD presented us with some of its most delightful shades. Portuondo Gallery paid tribute to Gio Ponti’s heritage with the proud display of the bicolour pigeon blue and cream armchairs. Set against vibrant Art-Deco stripes and geometric patterns, they certainly caught our eye by the sheer power of clean, tranquil lines.

bicolour pigeon blue and cream armchairs

Galerie Mouvement Modernes presented a more conceptual take on this calming colour.  Leaning towards each other in a shape of letter V, the assembled pieces seem to have created a peculiar magnetic field, which attracts and repels their straight lines from each other. For all its electric appeal, the whole ensemble basks in comforting dusky aura.

Blue 2 Armchair

5. Frozen In Time

Immobilized in the perfect moment of creation, or perhaps dissolution? Until the last moment you are not quite sure, whether the paint on its surfaces is melting or solidifying. Such enigma lies in Reinier Bosch’s bench curated by the Dutch Priveekollektie Contemporary Art.

Drip Reinier Bosch’s bench

Morphogenic in nature, this ‘Frozen Hogweed Table’ by Studio Wieki Somers, caught our attention in the liminal space between fluid and solid. Melting within Galerie Kreo’s minimalist yet quirky landscape, this carbon fiber table pulls and stretches between matte and glossy finishes.

Drip 2 Frozen Hogweed Table

6. Fossilized Wonders

Ancient Egyptians used embalming to preserve pharaohs’ godly aura for the future generations. Today, their sarcophagi still hold secrets of the gone-by days. Some contemporary designers began to follow this path of immobilizing time with intention to preserve the wonders of our universe. Except, this time the exercise is purely aesthetic. Sasha Sykes collected seaweed specimens around the coast of Ireland to grant them immortality within translucent cold cast resin.

Sasha Sykes Seewead Pictures

Tables lend themselves perfectly to the art of fossilizing beauty. One doesn’t have to necessarily focus on organic materials. Sometimes the inorganic universe presents an alternative that is just as striking. Francesco Perrini at FUMI nested translucent olive and golden-hued onyx in solid oak, which animates the table surface making it quite the modern heirloom.

Francesco Perrini Imbed Tables

Fashion Week Relocates To Your Home: 11 Catwalk Looks To Inspire Your Interiors

They both serve the same purpose: Fashion and Interior Design are undeniably potent mood enhancers. A velvet jacket can make you feel seductive and glamorous, just like a plush velvet sofa adds instant panache to your room.

There is no better time to examine the shy yet thrilling affair between these two forms of everyday art than during the annual rendezvous of Fashion Month and London Design Week. Let’s take a glimpse at the trending looks from London and New York’s catwalks to discover ways to inject the full SS19 essence into your interiors.

1. Burberry

And it happened. Riccarco Tisci, the new chief creative officer at Burberry, officially began his reign with a debut collection, Kingdom. And what a Kingdom that is – 133 striking looks inspired by British heritage echoes a societal change that brings us “the Queen and punk, the skinheads, the Victorians, the freaks”. It would be quite a statement to welcome all these style clans in our interiors at once. For now, let’s follow Tisci’s lead and focus on the refined, the relaxed and the rebellious individually.

Burberry Fashion and InteriorsThe refined was addressed first. Renowned for his sensual gothic aesthetic, Tisci surprised us with a distinctively neutral palette. Yes, it was muted, but with an edge. Camel, Chocolate and Bordeaux jazzed up the beige symphony. And so should we in our interiors. Scatter some camel-hued leather poufs or dark monochrome coffee table books around the neutral canvas of your room to achieve this feel of exacting sensuality.

burberry fashion interior design table and chair

All too often, muted minimal aesthetic is misinterpreted as sparkless. This was certainly not the case at the Burberry show, and it shouldn’t be in your home either. Precise black lines, gold accessories and rusty hues find reflection in the dynamic of this Chelsea dining room designed by Shalini Misra. Wood and neutral beiges have been accessorized here with sleek black vintage Carlo di Carli chairs and a solid bronze and mahogany modular dining table. Final touch – calk the rebellious portrait print from the Burberry shirt onto your wall to add a sense of nonconformity to your space.

2. Tom Ford

It was spring 2004, the zenith of his career, when Tom Ford unexpectedly left Gucci. The whole fashion world bellowed with lament. Fourteen years later the sense of nostalgia is still in the air as Ford resurrects old ghosts of 90’s glamour on the New York catwalk. The coquettish slip dresses, lace-graced hems, lingerie-esque silks, satins and frills – all bathing in soft nudes and blushes – in short, a fond memory of Gucci’s past days. 

tom ford and interior design ideasFord reminded us that he “did not want to make clothes that were ironic or clever, but simply clothes that were beautiful.” And beautiful indeed they are. Beautiful, and daring at times. After all, mauve patent crocodile, jazzy leopard and floor-length frills take some confidence to pull off. If you wish to take a stroll down memory lane of the past decades’ glamour and sexiness, allow blush velvets to reign in your interiors side by side with statement sleek marbles. If you feel particularly bold, an ostrich feather lamp will make for flirtatious dazzle.

tom ford ideas for luxury interiors

3. Proenza Schouler

This year Proenza Schouler’s SS19 Collection was all about bleached denim and drop-waist cuts. The choice was not coincidental. After a short-lived fling with haute couture in Paris, Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez decided to take the brand back to New York catwalks. And so, drama and gravitas, so distinctive in French cuts, were swept aside by “something that felt purely American”. If you, too, crave a sense of freedom, replace denim tie-dyes and over-shirts with a new mural obsession – a washed-out dusk grey wallpaper that will breathe airiness into your interiors.

proenza schouler washed out dusk grey wallpaper breathes airiness into interiorsCool breeze of denim’s liberation is only skin deep? You may seek refuge in a warmer alternative – verdant green basking in the rays of sunny yellow speaks with more playfulness and optimism.

proenza schouler shalini misra design ideas

4. Anna Sui

The Beatles’ “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds” in the background, iridescent jumpsuits and sheer layering on the catwalk – enter the universe of Anna Sui, a quirky fairy godmother of the fashion world. In her SS19 Collection, she once again captured the magic of youth, optimism and lightheartedness. What the world, and most certainly our interiors, need these days is Sui’s whimsical and dreamy sweetness. There is only one address in London that can make this wish come true – 112 Old Church Street. In the kingdom of de Gournay’s divine mural craftsmanship, you will find the whole palette of paradise-inspired wallpapers. We fell in love with this serene choice from Shalini Misra’s New York penthouse project: dusk grey, hand gilded, sterling silver metal leaf pattern. One look around and you may, as John Lennon once did, “picture yourself in a boat on a river, with tangerine trees and marmalade skies”.

anna sui dusk grey hand gilded sterling silver metal leaf pattern

5. Ralph Lauren

Endowed with a power that is as grounding as it is hypnotic, Ralph Lauren’s designs will always exude a sense of heritage. Now more than ever as the brand celebrates its fiftieth anniversary. Staged in the iconic Bethesda Terrance Tunnel in Central Park, Ralph Lauren’s SS19 Collection paid homage to the longevity of the brand’s vision. “That I know for sure is what is real, is what lasts. And we are here because you have lasted,” summed up Oprah Winfrey in her speech at the dinner that followed the show. Yes, Ralph Lauren lasts and so does the appeal of its jewel-toned velvets.

ralph lauren luxury velvet green armchairAs winter looms, your interiors might need a dose of this musky heritage too. Set the walls in darker and more dramatic shades: mulberry or wine will certainly do the trick. To create the patchwork feel, contrast aromatic warmth of the walls with aloofness of emerald and sapphire velvet upholstery. Before you can sit back and take the first sip of your smoky whisky, you may need to add a dab of softness to the mix: some leather finishes or a tattered Persian rug will certainly work.

ralph lauren emerald sapphire velvet upholstery leather finishes tattered persian rugLeather is not always easy to style but it certainly is at the heart of Ralph Lauren’s iconic vision. When approaching the art of leather layering you may need to think like a gourmet chef – you want to infuse just the right amount of chocolate richness into your cake before the vibrancy of spices can be added. This Chelsea bedroom can serve as an amuse-bouche for those who are new to the art of leather crafting. Chocolate brown headboard couldn’t be more delectable than in the company of handcrafted leather flooring set in spices brown.

6. Marta Jakubowski

Last, but most certainly not least, neon has celebrated a real come back this year. Marta Jakubowski, a relatively new name in the industry, played with fluorescent blues, greens and pinks to laser cut straight to the very heart of modern quirkiness. Are you tempted to replicate her minimalist, hallucinogenic aesthetic in your interiors? Here is a dare – a transparent lime green statement chair.

marta jakubowski transparent lime green statement chairToo early to go all loud and proud? Perhaps a sleek and sexy neon light can do the trick. Still unconvinced? A paint on powder-coated aluminum piece by Kate MacGarry is an even more subtle solution.

marta jakubowski powder coated aluminum piece by kate macgarry

6 Shades of Moody Glam

We go darker, moodier and more dramatic. And it’s not only because summer came to an end. Moody glam resonates with a rich visual density all year long. Caviar Black, Emerald Green, Mauve Purple, Truffle Brown, Midnight Blue or Deep Turquoise - we introduce to you our favourite shades this season.

1. Caviar Black

caviar black masculine luxe charcoal monochrome configurations chelsea homeBeing one of the most anticipated shades of 2019, Caviar Black hypnotizes with the strength of its masculine luxe. Set on the cusp of charcoal, it is unapologetically effortless, thus allowing for more monochrome configurations just like in this Chelsea home.

mirror geometric precision of marble floor tiles softened voluptuous curves spiral staircaseStraight sharp edges of the mirror and geometric precision of the marble floor tiles have been superbly softened by the voluptuous curves of the spiral staircase.

four walls set in light accents of charcoalDramatic experience right from your doorstep? With Caviar Black you can welcome your guests in spectacular style. Hallways don’t need to be merely a transition space. They can speak with their own confidence. If an all-four-walls makeover is too much for your senses, reverse the pattern: set the walls in light and scatter a few accents of charcoal around.

 black carlo di carli vintage leather chairs modular dining table in solid bronze and mahogany metallic finish golden yellow plush velvet curtainsWhether intentionally or not, Caviar Black often has a minimalist sexiness about it. This Chelsea apartment is testimony to that: sleek black Carlo di Carli vintage leather chairs flirt nonchalantly with a playful modular dining table in solid bronze and mahogany. To break the metallic finish, golden-yellow, plush velvet curtains have been brought into play.

2. Mauve Purple

Hot Millennial Pink can move over. There is a new thrilling shade in town: Mauve Purple. Dare to go moody with this pensive shade. Add gilded partition screens for dimension and resonance just like in this Mayfair apartment. Accumulation of layers and materials allows here for two things: boldness and vibrancy.

hot millennial pink mauve purple moody pensive shade gilded partition screens dimension resonance mayfair apartment

3. Truffle Brown

The season for truffles may only last from October till late December, but we yearn for this delicious shade in our interiors all year long. Whether you pair it up with a cowhide rug or gilded statement lighting, Truffle Brown will season any room with a pinch of gourmet gravitas.

delicious shade interiors truffle brown cowhide rug gilded statement lighting room

truffle brown wall shalini misra design

4. Midnight Blue

colour light reflected objects surface mix of red green midnight ink sapphire blueThat’s how eyes operate: when we see a colour, it is really a light reflected off the object’s surface and cast upon our retinas. Colour is not inherent in objects and the end result is always created through a mix of red, green and blue. Yes, blue is a special colour. No wonder why designers are so relentless in extracting and naming its ever-evolving shades. An experienced eye is often needed to tell the difference between Midnight, Ink or Sapphire Blue.

hampstead place interior dining room midnight blue elegant tableFinding the right depth of this thoughtful shade was certainly worth the effort in this Hampstead Place dining room. Sit back and watch a chain of Midnight Blue bids dancing elegantly around the table.

geometric sofa deepest luminous shade of sapphire high gloss mahogany wall velvet white marble eaton place projectNow, that’s a combination. A geometric sofa, set into the deepest, almost luminous shade of sapphire stands in a striking contrast with a high gloss mahogany wall. Add sumptuous velvet and white marble to the mix, and no one could compete with the texture boldness of this Eaton Place wonder.

5. Deep Turquoise

green velvet right angled sofaWe all love a classic combination of crystal clear turquoise with copper gold, which always remind us of those sun-kissed moments by the translucent waters of the Caribbean. There is no denying turquoise is yet to surprise us with new colour schemes. This time, we revisit the retro days of Havana’s most glamorous establishments. Redwood-and-cream floor mosaic and patinated bronze mirrors still remember the old tales of rum and salsa.

crystal clear turquoise with copper gold turquoise colour schemes redwood and cream floor mosaic patinated bronze mirrorsCraving more drama? Let’s go deeper and darker with black and gold geometric accents. Austere yet cosy, such is this luminous turquoise powder room where ovals live in harmony with rectangles.

shalini misras commercial project Chakra renovated restaurant kensington deep turquoise 360 degree bronze mirror wall concept of navaratna sanskrit compound nine gems ruby, pearl red coral emerald yellow diamond blue sapphire hessonite cat’s eye tableware glass designIn Indian thought, turquoise is a colour of Vishuddha, fifth chakra of spiritual power within the human body, which symbolizes self-expression, creativity and truth. This trio sums up Shalini’s most recent commercial project. Chakra, a newly renovated restaurant in the heart of Kensington, brings us creativity and authenticity. To help reimagine the space, vibrancy of deep turquoise has been paired up with a 360 degree bronze mirror wall and the concept of Navaratna, a Sanskrit compound for “nine gems” - Ruby, Pearl, Red coral, Emerald, Yellow sapphire, Diamond, Blue sapphire, Hessonite and Cat’s Eye – that sparkle up tableware and glass design.

6. Emerald Green

green interiors regal opulence emerald green sofasDid you know: green is the colour of harmony? Feeling collected is not only a state of mind. It starts with a state of our interiors. Why not add a sense of regal opulence to the equation? This leaves us with only one result: Emerald Green.

majestic spectacular drawing room nature a symbol of potencyDissolve into a majestic experience of emerald’s fertility. One moment in this spectacular drawing room will help you to recognize nature as shelter and a symbol of potency.

emerald green idesign bold colour mayfair apartment accents of green scattered with panacheEmerald Green is designed to stand out. It doesn’t scream to be noticed like many of its Hot Millennial cousins. It hypnotizes instead. The depth of this bold yet dignified colour can be admired in this Mayfair apartment, where accents of green have been scattered around with panache.

tropical luxe given a moody face dim lights sense of eternity space ochre and orpiment old tints interior designAnd finally, a throwback to all those exotic adventures that summer brought us this year. Except, this time tropical luxe is being given a moody face. Dim the lights and add a sense of eternity to the space. Try ochre and orpiment– after all, they are the oldest tints used by humans.

Shalini Misra And Asprey Collaborate For ‘In The Making’ At Decorex International

Award winning interior designer, Shalini Misra, and iconic British luxury house, Asprey, will collaborate on an exclusive installation for ‘In the Making’ at Decorex International. The space will look to the future to approach key moments in the home, including tea, dining, bar and games, from a new perspective.

Shalini Misra Decorex - Interior Designer

As invitation only spaces, the ‘In the Making’ feature areas are some of the most prestigious platforms at the show. Their purpose is to reveal how products are made, finished and decorated while showcasing materials and design processes. Designed and curated by Shalini Misra, the Asprey space will explore the unfolding story of the brand through the lens of its impressive heritage.

On the outer wall of the installation, an image of Brigitte Bardot in 1955 peers through the window of Asprey and into the space itself, looking from its past into its present and subsequently the future of home design. The visual, in black and white, is contrasted with the colour and life of what lies inside, which represents Asprey’s present and future. Vibrant glassware and playful game sets are paired with graphic flooring and abundant greenery. In the centre, a recreation of Asprey’s iconic staircase stands resplendent, showcasing some of its finest designs.

Taking centre stage from 16-19th September at Decorex International, Syon Park, the installation is the first project in an ongoing collaboration between the two brands.

blue armchair

Versatility in Seating

In interiors, chairs aren’t just somewhere to relax at the end of the day, but are also a vehicle to excite, diversify or freshen up a space. From funky fabrics to innovative designs, chairs come in a vast variety of styles and can help individualize the home.

Whether its dining room chairs, sofas or loungers, Shalini Misra often uses visually interesting and atypical seating in her projects. See below how she incorporates these pieces in her work to create alluring spaces.

Up in the Clouds

Located in one of New York City’s many skyscrapers, this high rise apartment pans across the Manhattan skyline which creates the feeling of being up in the clouds. The addition of this unconventional hanging sofa helps to enliven the room and further the sensation of floating.

living room swing

Hammock By Window
Chair Credit Hammock chair by Jim Zivic – Bespoke by SML

Though the muted colour palette and traditional patterns of this sofa are inkeeping with the classical style and colour scheme of the rest of the London living room, the floating effect adds a modern accent to the space and delivers the element of surprise!

Chair Credit: Clients own

Furniture as Art

In this Chelsea home, this set of swings reject form follows function and instead are intended as a form of art. The hanging chains and glass bottom provide an industrial feel and aesthetically interesting element to the living space.

This out-of-the-box concept adds a unique detail to any room and invites conversation!

Mona Hatoum Swings Mona Hatoum Swings Close Up
Image Credit: Mona Hatoum Swings

Fabrics to Demand Attention!

From bold colours to eclectic patterns, taking a simple armchair and reupholstering it with a new fabric can help spruce up any room. Not only does this method provide a more eco-friendly way of redecorating, it also means that you can create something that is one of a kind.

yellow armchair
Chair Credit: Clients own

The options for customization are endless, and with this striking armchair in the Decorex Champagne Bar, the addition of feathers creates a piece of furniture that is truly enchanting.

cocktail chairs
Chair Credit: Jacky Puzey cocktail chair

Innovative Designs

Fabric is not the only method of adding more flair to the home, however. By incorporating pieces with unconventional forms, you can really diversify a space.

This lounger, designed by architect Oscar Niemeyer, with its free-flowing form is an alluring piece that serves as both seating and art.

Bijou Living
Chair Credit: Bijou Living

In this Mayfair apartment, the addition of this black armchair provides contrast to its light surroundings, and the strong lines of the wooden panels delivers on the drama.

Chaise Maurice armchair by David/Nicholas
Chair Credit: Chaise Maurice armchair by David/Nicholas

Art doesn’t simply have to be the pictures we hang on the walls and function does not have to compromise style. The furniture we choose to put in our homes can be used just as effectively as artwork to add more oomph and excitement!

south audley street mayfair design hallway

My dream development by Shalini Misra

As I walked into this un-modernised four bedroom Victorian apartment, my heart skipped a beat. Although the interiors hadn’t been touched for over 30 years, the moment I stepped through the door I couldn’t fail to see its enormous potential and character. Looking past the pillar-box red bedrooms, yellow kitchen and black bathroom I knew I had found my next development project..

dream development by shalini misra mayfair squat entrance before


I wanted to design a grand entrance hall that creates impact from the moment you open the door. I chose to create a striking art deco floor design using Nero Marquina and Thassos marble inspired by Gio Ponti. For the cloak and media cupboard I wanted create a bespoke design to reference the floor pattern. I chose to use antique mirror, a rich walnut frame, bronze detailing and handles. The mirror reflects the black and white polished plaster walls creating a feeling of space and consistency.

dream development by shalini misra mayfair squat hallway before and after


Searching for an eye catching sculptural wall light, I come across this beautiful piece from Lindsey Adelman’s Cherry Bomb Fringe Collection. I knew the brushed brass, blown glass and 24k golden foil would illuminate the hallway. I also added five 1960’s ceiling lamps manufactured by Stilnovo in opal glass and enamelled metal. Throughout the apartment I consciously applied a mix of vintage and modern from the large statement pieces right down to the lighting details.

dream development by shalini misra mayfair squat reception before and after shots


In the reception it was very important to me to retain the original features such as fireplaces and cornices. The existing mantle of the fireplace was painted white, adding a stone surround and black wood marble. For flooring the use of chevron oak boards were laid throughout with a fumed, brushed and lacquered finish.  Elephants Breath can be found on the wall, an uplifting mid grey with a hint of Magenta, this can become lilac like in the light of west facing rooms. The doors are high gloss, shaker style, bouncing further light around the room.  I updated the apartment to provide the comforts of modern life adding air-conditioning, underfloor heating and Lutron lighting control.


dream development by shalini misra mayfair squat master bedroom before and after shots

Master Bedroom

I gave the master bedroom a generous amount as space as I wanted to include a private study, walk in wardrobe, relaxed seating area and en-suite. I used a mix of lux finishes and bursts of colour to create interest and make the eye wander. The wardrobes were finished with warm soft velvet accented by bronze handles. I wanted to find a distinguishing headboard to frame the bed as this side of the room had simple and delicate drop lighting, I come across this screen by Martino Gamper and fell in love. It was just what I had been looking for, I liked it so much I took one for the reception room too! The master bathroom is very spacious and has all the amenities you could ever need. I used a mesmerising mix of white Calacatta offset with dark grey stone. I designed a double basin vanity unit with two illuminated bronze framed mirrors floated above. For the bathroom equipment I added a deep soaker Jacuzzi bathtub, steam and rain shower with heated mirror and Toto toilet.


master bedroom

This development project was such a joy for me to design, I was able to draw on all of my design inspirations and desires that have built up over the years. I am still overwhelmed with happiness from the successful events, collaboration and coverage that was received by this apartment. It was a sad day when we completed the sale and I had to say goodbye to this much loved apartment. However, I had accomplished what I set out to achieve and look forward to my next development project!

See the full project here

Greenery In Interiors

Why does an interior catch your eye? Is it beautiful wallpaper, a unique piece of furniture or ever thought that it could be the nature that surrounds you within the space?

Not too sure….well read on for some interior inspiration on how adding greenery to your interiors isn’t just beneficial for your health but also is simply a brilliant colour to decorate with! Just ask Pantone who named it the colour of the year for 2017!

The devil is in the detail……

Whether you go for mint, avocado, pear, sage or grass green, green is relaxing, inviting and energising. And once you have the perfect shade of green, it can work perfectly in any home when accompanied by the right accents.

green accent chair and wooden table design green accent dinging chair

Image credit: Shalini Misra Limited

An accent chair is a great way to add a pop of colour to your interior design. It could be as simple as adding a dining chair, which brings through an intriguing elegance whilst capturing a colour that embodies the strength of nature’s forces and beauty.

Non green-fingered friends, don’t fear!

If you’ve got the kiss of death when it comes to plants, you can still bring a foliage flourish into your space.

Succulents have been something of a trend for a while now, popping up on Instagram tucked away terracotta pots on #shelfies.  By nature, these are hardy plants, meaning they can survive different environments, and also survive a bit of neglect (!!) so a perfect choice for those of us that aren’t quite so green fingered.  In terms of interiors they are a perfect accessory to decorate with…..Use them to spruce up your coffee or side tables!

succulents in glass vase

Image credit: Pintrest

Vertical Greenery

If you don't have a skylight or any way of adding one to your house, a live wall or green divider can give your home a wonderful and unique feel.

Interior greenery and especially live walls don’t have to occupy your precious floor space. A green wall artwork or a vertical planter system would more than suffice in bringing a piece of primal atmosphere to your house.

azuma makoto vertical planter system

Image credit: Azuma Makoto

Floors, Floors, Floors

beautifully inset tile shalini misra

Image credit: Shalini Misra Limited

This season sees green tendrils unfurling across curtains, cushions and floors, yes floors!!

Bring a fresh touch to your interiors without having to worry about watering….How can you say no!

A beautifully inset tile can work wonders to an entrance way to make it not only a welcoming space but an interesting one too!

Office Plants

When you enhance your office with plants, you’re not just adding greenery, you are boosting your health. Why? Plants essentially do the opposite of what we do when we breathe: release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide!

So not only do they freshen up the air, but studies have shown that the manner in which living organisms interact with your body, mind and environment, help to reduce stress and improve concentration and productivity (by up to 15 percent!).

They also make individuals view their work space more positively - making them perfect for not just your home but your work space, too.


soften strong stone walls with lush garden greens historic stately hallway shalini misra

Image credit: Shalini Misra Limited

Soften strong stone walls with lush garden greens. The historic features of this stately hallway have been complemented by distinctive and unique wallpaper. Lush, digitally printed wisteria flowers make a stunning statement, framing the room beautifully. Grass green curtains pick out the ombre effect while plenty of lush house plants and wicker furniture complete the Georgian conservatory style.

greenery trend bold pattern bathroom shalini misra

Image credit: Shalini Misra Limited

Happily, the greenery trend isn’t restricted to living things.

Adding a bold pattern to a space considered to be quite boring, such as your bathroom, will definitely add excitement to your everyday routine!

Unique Pots

There is no better way of giving every day plants a little visual boost than with some unusual-looking pots. These come in all sorts of designs, shapes and materials. The Hidden Gallery, are a great source of inspiration for this. Look out for the great collaboration between Shalini Misra and Mike and Preeti Knowles.  With such beautiful pots, modern planters truly deserve their own place within the home.

the hidden gallery shalini misra mike preeti knowles beautiful pots modern planters home

Image credit: The Hidden Gallery

Indoor Urban Tropico

Indoor gardens have become widespread in contemporary architecture along with preservation of site flora. It is a beautiful way to render your home eco-friendly.

indoor urban tropico architectural digest

Image credit: Architectural Digest

Since most living things typically need some sunlight, skylights and huge windows, tend to accompany indoor gardens to give interior greenery its dose of rays.

This design element is as gorgeous as it is practical.

AND LASTLY...Remember that flowers will always add that last-minute touch of elegance to you space.

flowers in a vase shalini misra

Image credit: Shalini Misra Limited

Ansal University Lecture

Understanding Interior Architecture with Shalini Misra

Sushant School of Design (SSD) in association with Sushant School of Art and Architecture (SSAA) played host to the second presentation in the series ‘Beyond the Skin’, written and presented by internationally acclaimed Architect Designer Shalini Misra, on Wednesday 12th April, 2017.

Shalini Misra Ansal University

Shalini shared her vision of Interior Architecture by presenting four projects she had recently worked on. Each one of them has been highly acclaimed by clients and industry alike, each equally sumptuous both in form and finish.

Although classically trained in architecture, commencing at the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi, followed by studies in urban planning at Columbia New York and finishing with and MSc in Architecture from UCL Bartlett London, Shalini Misra has a very strong academic base. Describing herself as a ‘pure play architect’ who has successfully practiced in every aspect of Architecture and Interior Architecture, what came come over loud and clear from the interaction is her sublime understanding of eclectic space,

Shalini Misra Ansal University

a deep passion for the work of renowned artists and artisans an appealing sense of theatre in every visual and tactile sense.

The creative industries in India are certainly experiencing a time of rapid growth. Architecture and now additionally Interior Architecture are core to the quality and strength of that growth. The Sushant Schools are spearheading the way forward. Close association with the very best in industry, Shalini Misra certainly being a prime example, spurs us on the very great heights.