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The way our homes smell dictates emotional well-being and the ability to relax. There is a strong link between comfort and pleasant scents, so it makes sense that people would strive for positivity in this area. In fact, this is one of the most popular areas that homeowners spend money on over the course of a single year. So, what does your home scent say about you and why is it so important? This guide explores the answers below.

The Psychology of Scent for Homes

The way that human beings interpret and decipher scents is specifically linked to our memories. There is a physical and chemical impact on the brain when a strong scent is present. If you think for a second about a certain person that you know, there is guaranteed to be a smell that you associate with them. The same will be true in the opposite direction as well.

This concept is certainly extended to our homes. Whether you realize it or not, your home has its own brand of scent. People make their own minds up as to what this says about you, but it certainly leaves an impactful impression nonetheless. Many people are worried about how their home smells to others, and take decisive action to avoid any negative connotations. The smells with negative associations are sewage and blocked drains, strong pet odors, and cigarette smoke. The best scents are naturally in an entirely opposite category and these are things like flowers, soft and fresh linen, baked goods, and citrus vibes as well.

How to Create Scent In Your Home

The ways to create positive scents in your home are countless. That being said, there are a few common products that people lean towards and purchase the most in order to either prevent or counteract bad smells. Anyone can create a positive smell as soon as you open the front door with a strategically placed vase of flowers or a strong scented candle.

Air Fresheners

Air fresheners come in a range of styles and sizes. For this point, they are the perfumed scent sprayers that are used to freshen up an environment. These could be a plug-in device that emits a scent on a timer, or a bottle that you use manually as and when needed.

Candles and Wax Melts

Candles and wax melts are a classic way to get an instant nice smell fix into the house. You can light a scented candle in every room and the smell will be strong and last as long as the candle lasts.


The traditional potpourri sits at the center table in a high traffic area and emits a nice smell for anyone who walks past. It also makes the immediate area around it smell better and definitely impacts the space for a longer period.


Diffusers can be either electronic or not, the purpose is all the same. They are designed to diffuse a pleasant scent into the immediate area that is meant to last throughout the day supported by regular interventions. These come in a whole range of scents suited to any personality and preference, and they can be placed subtly on a statement bookshelf or similar storage units.

General Cleaning Products

A bleached floor is one of the most popular methods for eliminating lingering odors. It is also a generally highly effective cleaning product when used correctly. People also use scented and specific brands alongside their air fresheners.

The Most Common Areas of Improvement: Bad Smells of the Home

There are lots of common scents when it comes to our homes. Some are good, and others are seen as less than favorable. Here are a few key areas where bad smells might happen, and some pointers on what you can do about it.


Pets might be valued members of the family, but there is an undeniable stink that comes along with our beloved companions. They bring in mud and debris. They have strong smelling food. There is a general ‘pet’ odor that is difficult to avoid. You do have to make peace with your house smelling a certain way if you have animals.

It might be not as obvious to you, and you might even like it. However, guests coming to visit may not feel the same way. There are so many pet focused odor eliminator products that it’s difficult to know which works and which does not. It is a matter of trial and error and finding what you like vs. what has zero effect. Cleaning your carpets professionally at least once a month, alongside all the upholstery helps a lot, and having regular grooming sessions for your pet will boost the positive scent as well.


Cooking is the classic cause of a lot of lingering smells that won’t quit. Onions, garlic, strong herbs, and spices all imbed themselves into the walls and floors and stick around. Try opening a window or cooking with an extraction fan to minimize the smell as you go along.

Moisture Build-Up

Moisture build-up on walls, windows, and more can cause dampness and other problems. This has a distinctive smell that is hard to get rid of. There are preventative products to try out, but usually, the only proper fix is to hire a contractor and sort it out structurally. You can mask the smell and take steps to counteract dampness from setting in such as opening windows and placing damp trappers around too.

Finding That Signature Scent

This can really make a difference in how you feel about your home, so don’t give up! The scent for you is definitely out there.

So, what does your home scent say about you? Well, it is all down to who is doing the smelling. For guests, the way your home smells certainly has an effect on how they see you personally as well as your wider house. For people living, it is a big source of stress and concern but when the perfect scent is found, there is definite peace and happiness that comes along too. After all, nothing beats relaxing and winding down in a room that feels comfortable and smells inviting.