Interior Guide to Halloween

26th October 2020

Get really creative

Halloween is a great opportunity to play around with the design and decoration of your home without committing to any long-term changes. It’s also one of the chances you have through the year to get really creative and to break some boundaries that would normally raise a few eyebrows. But as fun as decorating for the spooky season can be, it can also come with some strings attached that people often tend to ignore.

Play with What You Already Have

You probably already have various opportunities around the house that can be leveraged for Halloween decorations without even realizing it. A lot can be done with pre-existing furniture and decorations without changing the current setup too much. Wallpapers can add a lot to the atmosphere of a room, and with a little creativity you might be able to play on the existing images to create a new scene. Take a special look at your lighting too. If you have any adjustable lights, you can easily shift the tone of the aesthetics in your home with just a few small changes. Proper lighting can add a lot to that perfect spooky atmosphere!

Use the Opportunity to Experiment

This is also a great chance to try out some new ideas that you might have had in your head but were never brave enough to attempt. After all, you’re doing everything with the idea that it’s temporary and will be taken down once the holiday is over. So, use the opportunity to throw in some extra changes that don’t necessarily have to do with Halloween, but are rather ideas you want to iterate on. Worst case scenario, you’ll only have to deal with them until Halloween is over, and then you’ll know exactly what works and what doesn’t – and why.

Take Advantage of After-season Sales for Next Year

Many merchants love Halloween because it gives them a chance to sell a number of niche products at marked-up prices. There are various things that sell like hot cakes during October, mostly revolving around small decorative items for the home, and of course, candies. But what people often tend to ignore is the sale craze that comes after that. When Halloween is over, those merchants usually have a lot of leftover stock that they are rushing to get rid of. And that’s a great opportunity to stock up on decorations for next year. As long as you’re investing in items that aren’t going to degrade over the next twelve months, you can get some amazing deals.

This is a great chance to review the decoration of your home and try out some new things. It can also be a surprisingly good venue for creative expression if you have a knack for home decoration. And the earlier you start planning, the easier it’s going to get over time. Just make sure that you approach any riskier changes in a way that they can be easily undone later. Decorating for Halloween and enjoying the holiday itself can be great, but some tend to forget about the clean-up that follows after.

Credit: Tara Abed