outdoor dining room space

Outdoor space is something many people long for, that private space to call your own. Having your own slice of nature that you don’t have to share with others can really drive a person’s home property purchase or rental decision. So what happens if you are lucky to have found a home with outdoor space but the space itself is quite small? It could be a small terrace, a balcony, a small garden, or even a patio. How can you maximise it so you get the most use and enjoyment out of it?

Here we’ve put together a few basic and specific design steps you can follow that will make it possible for you to really make the most of your outdoor space, and even have it feel bigger than it actually is.

Choose Furniture that Fits the Space

The first tip is to ensure you’re picking furniture that fits the space. All too often homeowners can get lost in the aesthetic of a particular piece not thinking how it will work in terms of size. If you have a small space then you will likely want to veer away from the typical oversized outdoor furniture that is popular and trendy.

Instead opt for streamlined and minimal pieces, such as these.

shalini misra arranging flowers in garden

As you can see the emphasis is placed on the decor rather than the actual furniture pieces, which are kept small and basic.

Opt for a Vertical Garden

If you don’t have a lot of ground space to work with but you’re itching for your own garden, a vertical garden or flower wall can be the perfect solution. These styles of gardens use vertical space rather than horizontal, making them ideal for small spaces. Popular plants to grow on outside walls include climbing bushes and flowers, and think about things like ivy.

shalini misra watching her plants growing taller
Just make sure that when shopping for plants you also give thought to your light/shade conditions as this will determine which plants work best for you.
And if a garden wall isn’t possible either, you can always go the route of potted plants.

Decor Will Help to Set the Stage

Now just because your outdoor space may be on the small side doesn’t mean you should skip out on decor. In fact decor is an excellent way to make a small space feel more cohesive and well thought out. Some of the most popular décor items include throw pillows, blankets, table décor like candles and lanterns, dishes, and more.
terraced garden table

Use an Outdoor Rug as an Anchor

Another trick is to use an outdoor rug to define and anchor the space. You can also choose a pattern that plays tricks on the eyes and actually makes the space look bigger. Just be sure it is in fact suited for outdoor use so that it doesn’t end up getting ruined.

A Small Space that Feels Big

Using these tips will not only help you to maximise your outdoor space, but it will help create the illusion of space and style.