As we bid farewell to the last of the summer sun, it’s time to embrace the cooler temperatures, warmer hues and blustery winds that are synonymous with autumn. From the crackling of a bonfire to the crisp leaves underfoot, autumn evokes a sense of a warmth and unity, even when the days are cooler, and the nights are drawing in.

If you’ve been planning to refresh your interior design, now is the perfect time to forge ahead with your plans. As a transitional season, autumn changes can take you from summer straight through to winter and ensure that your interiors remain in style all year round. For inspiration, take a look at these top autumn interior design trends for 2022:

Farmhouse Style

If there’s one autumn interior design trend to follow this year, it’s farmhouse interiors. If you’ve always assumed that farmhouse style is traditional, outdated or cluttered, think again. Modern farmhouse interiors evoke the same sense of warmth of comfort but strike a balance between modern minimalism and rustic living with elements of Scandinavian design.

kitchen table chairs

Neutral colour palettes with white, beige or grey are a popular option in farmhouse interiors, but accent colours can add a brighter and more vibrant feel to your autumnal interior design. Wide-plank hardwood floors along with shiplap cladding or natural brick walls are also popular farmhouse features and they’re easy to integrate into modern homes.

While farmhouse interior design is often associated with kitchens, this isn’t the only room that can benefit from a modern rustic makeover. Perfect for living spaces and bedrooms, farmhouse interiors can be a fantastic way to make your space feel more welcoming this autumn.

Warm Colours

While cooler tones work well in summer, richer, warmer tones are perfect for autumn interior design. As it gets colder outside, you can make your interiors feel inviting and cosy by choosing a warm colour palette.

Burnt orange, terracotta, moss green, mustard yellow and deep rust are all popular autumn shades that can offer depth and will easily create a nurturing, cocoon-like feel. Pair darker hues with lighter shades, like light apricot, tawny brown, coral or light olive for a cohesive palette that will lift and soothe throughout the season.

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Seasonal, Nature-Inspired Interiors

As we move into autumn and winter, you needn’t miss out on the great outdoors. In fact, nature-inspired interiors are a top autumn interior design trend this year and it’s a great way to make your home or workspace feel fresh and invigorating.

A colour palette featuring neutral and natural autumnal hues, such as cream, sand, sage green, dusky blue or buttermilk can be a stylish way to integrate the nature-inspired interior trend into your latest designs, for example. Using natural materials, like stone, wood and bamboo, in your interior design is also a super-effective way to bring a nature-inspired interior to life.

Additionally, create seasonal accents with natural or faux foliage to elevate your autumnal interior design. Dahlias and hydrangeas in earthy tones are ideal for autumn-inspired tablescapes, while fallen leaves, conkers and berries can be weaved into garlands or wreathes to add an autumn fall via transitional décor.

Textures and Layers

Adding texture to a room enhances its aesthetic but it also changes the way the space feels. With a range of textures, for example, a room can feel more welcoming and cosier, which is exactly what you’re aiming for with the latest autumn interior design trends. To make living areas feel more in-keeping with the season, try adding a woollen area rug, cashmere throws and boucle cushions to add texture and visual interest.

Similarly, use layers to give a room an autumnal update and incorporate the latest styles. Sheer drapes will allow you to make the most of the natural light before the shorter days arrive, for example, while fresh wall art adds another element of visual interest.

As well as enhancing the space, incorporating more textures and layers is also an easy way to revamp your home or workspace for autumn. With minimal effort required, you can change the entire feel of a property simply by modifying the textures and layers that are currently present.

Atmospheric Lighting

Updating the lighting in any space can have a transformative effect, particularly when you’re going to be more reliant on faux lighting in the autumn and winter months. Choose floor lamps and table lamps in materials and shades that complement your chosen colour palette or use warm metallics to lift the space.

Of course, statement lighting can be a great way to make an impact too, so don’t hesitate to update your main fixtures and fittings. Drop lighting is ideal for high ceilings or larger spaces, while recessed ceiling lights and wall lights can add cosiness to living spaces and bedrooms. If you want to make a room feel more inviting and soothing, opt for bulbs that emit a warm glow, as opposed to cool white bulbs that are better suited to brighter spaces and working environments.

Maximalist Interiors

If you’re ready to move away from the minimalist feel that has long been associated with contemporary interiors, you’ll love the maximalist feel that’s a top autumn interior design trend this year.

Maximalist design works on the premise that ‘more is more’ – but stop short of cramming as much into a room as possible! Instead, you’ll want to strike a balance between colours, textures and patterns to ensure the space doesn’t feel overwhelming or cluttered.

Bold patterned wallpaper can be an effective way to ease into a maximalist interior design style, for example, while plush carpets or mosaic tiles can complete the effect. A maximalist design should stimulate the senses, so opt for multiple textures and layers. If you’re worried that a maximalist interior may look haphazard or chaotic, don’t be. Repetitive designs can embody the maximalist mantra while retaining a sense of order and symmetry.

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Make the Most of Autumn Interior Design Trends

With the season already upon us, there’s no time to lose if you want to make the most of this year’s autumn interior design trends. From major renovations to subtle upgrades, there are endless ways you can incorporate new and emerging styles to give your space an autumnal feel.