toshiro green table lamp on side table by kira

Toshiro Green Table Lamp by Kira – Curio

In today’s dynamic world of design, we’re witnessing a transformative shift in the approach to lighting, one that aims to enrich our living environments, uplift our mood and enhance everyday rituals. Many interior designers are experimenting with layered lighting and new materials, to unearth new ways to cast a warm glow.

split circle pendant in hallway by square in circle

Split Circle Pendant by Square In Circle – Curio

Harnessing Natural Light for Wellbeing

Light can have a huge impact on our circadian rhythms, the internal body clock that governs our general mood, energy levels and overall wellbeing. For that reason, it’s vital to pay close attention to it when designing spaces – the simplest tweaks can significantly affect how we feel and function at home. Whether relaxing over a candlelit dinner or recharging at dusk’s final glow, maximising – and mimicking – natural light can help us unwind, recharge and reconnect with ourselves.

totem roquefort table lamp by project 213a

Totem Roquefort Table Lamp by Project 213A – Curio

Light Colour Temperature: Setting the Mood

The temperature of light can have a significant impact on our energy levels and emotional state. Cooler (blue) light, reminiscent of natural daylight, tends to be more invigorating and energising, making it ideal for spaces where productivity and focus are paramount. On the other hand, warmer (yellow) hues evoke a sense of cosiness and relaxation, perfect for unwinding after a long day or fostering intimate conversations.

iveston marble table lamp on side cabinet by northern lights

Iveston Marble Table Lamp by Northern Lights – Curio

Avoiding the Downsides: Why Lighting Choices Matter

While lighting can be a source of rejuvenation, poor lighting choices can also have health implications – eye strain, and of course the well documented Seasonal Affective Disorder so many people suffer in the winter months. Considered lighting design goes a long way to ensure every corner of your home radiates a sense of warmth, comfort, and security.

wave length gold chandelier above kitchen table by arjun rathi design

Wave Length Gold Chandelier by Arjun Rathi Design –  Curio

Lighting Beyond Looks: Designing for How You Live

It’s tempting to pick lights simply for their aesthetic and materialistic qualities, but in our quest to curate lighting schemes that cater to the diverse needs of each room, an intentional approach is key. Every light fixture, every bulb choice should support your desired lifestyle. A living room may serve as a haven of tranquillity for relaxation and reflection, while a kitchen may benefit from vibrant, uplifting light to inspire culinary creativity and fun gatherings with friends and family.

When it comes to styling a home, lighting is, after all, transformative: the ultimate way to accessorise.