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Elizabeth Kent’s mirrored masterpieces meld modern glass gilding and mirror making techniques with traditional print and etching methods.

Exclusive to our sister brand, Curio, Elizabeth Kent’s mirrored artworks explore the subject of light, reflection, and natural landscapes. We’re drawn to her use of fluid forms, painterly effects and layered accents which make her experimental designs double up as engaging conversation pieces, with interchanging graphical compositions, shine and light-reflecting patterns.

elizabeth kent
With a background in Fine Art Sculpture from the Chelsea School of Art in London, the British artist exhibits her work in commercial galleries and museums both in the UK and internationally. Her portfolio includes drawings, prints, limited-edition pieces, and commissioned installations for interior projects.

“Mirror and reflection fascinate me, both on a visual and perceptual level. The elusive and intangible nature of this material keeps me continuously exploring, working with mirror as a medium”.

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