Dover Street Office

On a thriving street in London’s Dover Street in Mayfair, Shalini Misra has designed the interiors to a feminine, modern office space with a curated mix of materials from marble and timber with metal accents to fluted glass.

Beautiful artwork is hung in the entrance, main office and board room giving a high-end residential feel. The main office is separated from the other areas with a glass fluted wall to allow natural light to flow throughout the space, with motorised blinds installed for privacy.

Plants are placed throughout to bring in the essential presence of nature and the terrace provides a private outdoor space.

Bespoke furniture and rugs were commissioned for each space designed for the users’ specific requirements. Burgundy and navy upholstery add a strong colourful rhythm and all of the areas, including the bathrooms, have been elevated by using beautiful Hermes and silk wallpapers.