Interior architecture—which is a combination of an art and a science—is used to design spaces that are just as functional as they are attractive. Our founder, Shalini, has a strong background as an architect, and it has provided her with the skills and creativity necessary to add both style and functionality to any room or building.

Our forte is spatial planning and we believe strongly in the concept of addition through subtraction. This means we start from scratch, with our in-house architectural team and interior designers working closely together to visualise a space using state of the art 3D models that integrate the latest AV and lighting technology, opening up a world of new possibilities.

We can help you not only redesign a space aesthetically, but also transform it to better suit your needs. Whether the job is big or small, if you want to change the way a room functions and flows, you want to restore a space to its old glory, or you want to adapt a room to meet new expectations, our team of professionals can get it done.

We work with an extended network of expert consultants, including structural, mechanical and electrical engineers, planning consultants, quantity and party wall surveyors, offering a full architectural solution from concept to completion. Our unrivalled expertise also extends to detailed schemes for planning applications and party wall awards.

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From finishing touches to full refurbishment process all our work starts a vision brought together by our highly skilled team.