At Shalini Misra Ltd, our clients’ lifestyles are key to the design of our interiors and their well-being. Wellness is intrinsic to a successful & healthy lifestyle and we integrate it into our spaces by looking at the physical, emotional and aesthetic sides and drawing on effects for each of our senses.

Wellness incorporates using sustainable natural materials, ample flow of natural light and air, intelligent use of artificial light, creating versatility in the layout to cater for social areas and pockets of privacy for personal reflection and headspace, adding value to clients’ existing pieces through upcycling, and using colour to fine-tune the mood of the spaces.

Wellness not only relates to interiors but to the wider environment overall which we achieve through sourcing materials with sustainable attributes and using existing pieces such as vintage pieces. Each project/ design looks at these vital areas:


Use of sustainable materials like linoleum, floral leather, cork for furniture and wall and floor finishes and using existing pieces such as vintage pieces. Use of the latest technology also ensures efficient energy use in the spaces. Through computer calculations which map the sun’s movement you can decide how much cooling and heating is required for a space.

Healthy Interiors

Interior design can improve your health & well-being in so many ways. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Ensure that the natural light and air flow of the spaces are effective.
  • Create quiet peaceful private zones bringing nature outdoors in.
  • Use natural materials.
  • Organise your space efficiently to create a smooth running of the environment.

Colour & Mood

Through the use of colour a mood can be created which influences the clients’ emotional well-being. By using colour that is appropriate to the main use of each room, we enhance the purpose of the space.


We look at clients’ existing pieces and see what can be repurposed, amended or relocated to ensure that no existing piece is wasted. This is an element of the sustainable side to our designs.


Through the intelligent use of lighting and the latest technology we create flexible moods for lighting making the spaces versatile as well as beautiful.


Making an impression is not only down to the first room you encounter, the whole design needs to have moments of impact whether through art, views through windows and internal spaces, architectural volumes or colour and texture.