Our lifestyles are more crucial than ever to our happiness and wellbeing

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We offer both online, or in person consultations for anything from the simplest requirement to more detailed ideations. Start your styling journey with us by adding your sterling requirements below:

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    Who we are and what we do

    We are so excited to announce our New Interior Styling Service for both residential and commercial projects for anything from the simplest of requirements to more detailed ideations. We offer online, or in person, consultations: Advice for choosing and sourcing furniture, finishes and accessories; advice as to how to incorporate the concept of Wellbeing into our homes; Inspiration for styling properties to increase re-sale value, or simply to breathe new life into them; We offer personal shopping services that could include visiting showrooms (with you), providing advice and sourcing art for interiors.

    We help you organise your spaces, recommending the addition, re-purposing, re-positioning, or re-placing of key pieces that enhance comfort, improve flow and lighting and ensure that nothing is wasted… there is always an element of sustainability incorporated into our designs.

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    Our individual style and approach has won the practice a number of prestigious accolades.

    Why styling our interiors is essential to our wellbeing

    Our surroundings affect how we feel on a daily basis and it has never been more important for us to embrace the concept of Wellbeing – intrinsic, as it is, for our own happiness and ability to lead successful lifestyles in challenging times. So for those of you who know us, you will not be surprised that as part of our Styling process, we place a great deal of emphasis on the idea of incorporating Wellbeing into the projects we take on.

    We will always strive to ensure that our clients enjoy their homes and maximise their wellbeing by looking at the physical, emotional and aesthetic aspects of how the spaces in their homes work. We will organise the space, in consultation with you, to forge its flawless running, using sustainable, natural materials wherever possible and ensuring an ample flow of air and natural light and also making the most intelligent use of artificial light.

    We will often recommend creating versatility in the layout of homes to incorporate social areas as well as pockets of privacy for personal reflection and headspace. And, in a world where sustainability is vital, we will always also look at clients’ existing pieces to see what can be amended, or relocated to ensure that nothing is wasted that can be repurposed – up-cycling where appropriate.

    In conclusion we ensure that all the aspects of Wellbeing that make a positive impact on our living are fine-tuned to have positive effects on each of our senses.