kendall jenner

Despite spending the entirety of her childhood in a New England influenced, “Hamptons” style home, this has not prevented Kendall Jenner’s personal taste surrounding interior design from evolving to represent more of a bohemian, chic, yet unusual style.

James Turrell Digital Art

james turrell digital art

Just off the entry, a signature James Turrell ovoid wall sculpture, animated by shifting, computer-programmed LED lights, greets visitors with a dreamy chromatic display.

Our attention is immediately taken from us as soon as we step foot into the house as we are beckoned into the home by the ‘James Turrell’, a rare, digital art piece. With digital art having become more and more popular over the last few years – due to its phenomenal atmosphere that it is capable of creating (one which is suitable for meditation, relaxation or even the complete opposite as a result of the playful colours it generates). It is wonderful to see Kendall Jenner incorporate this exhilarating component into her well-crafted home as we are brought aware of the fact that she acknowledges the benefits that bright lighting can have on your well-being.


To our surprise, Kendall has gone with an intimate lounge area that consists of neutral, earthy colours which generously provides the house with a designated area for intimate discussions and the chance to catch up with a loved one away from screens and the eyes of the public – in simpler terms, a safe spot that provides you with all the comfort your heart can so desire. Her dining room mirrors this tranquil vibe due to the dark wood and old, detailed rugs.

Powder Room

Kendall Jenner’s varying taste in interior design is further visualised through the moody powder room which seemingly permits her to accommodate all generations. Gold accents are seen throughout the entirety of the house, for example, within the vintage faucet and brass trinkets within the bathroom and the kitchen which help to slowly breath a sense of life into the minimalist room as it warms the room. Although the use of concrete in interiors, typically provokes a sense of confusion, this concrete sink acts as a statement piece to tie all the aspects of the room together.

Vintage Elements

A Waldo’s Designs iron chandelier hangs above a walnut-and-oak dining table

A Waldo’s Designs iron chandelier hangs above a walnut-and-oak dining table 1930s Axel Einar Hjorth chairs from Lief.

A variety of vintage elements are scattered around Kendall Jenner’s home and works to compliment the mahogany wood that is seen through the floors and some surfaces.

Natural Environment

It is made clear that Kendall Jenner enjoys the soothing company of the natural environment as we see how she cleverly attempts to bring it into every aspect of the house, whether it be through bouquets of flowers or the chic walkway that connects her office to her newly designed art room. The walkway is lined with multiple high-rise doors which create a classy appearance due to the black frames that hug the windows.

Digital Art by Tracey Emin

Once again, digital art appears to be extremely popular amongst Kendall as she has a ‘Tracey Emin’, the light pink colour seen within this light up calligraphy lures you in as it forms a delicate feeling towards the room.