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How To Incorporate Antiques In Your Home

When looking to add a piece of furniture to your home why not look at buying antiques. To add depth to your existing decor a few old pieces can often make a pleasant change compared to more modern pieces. It can be a challenge though, the idea of mixing antique items into your home but there are plenty of places to get tips from to help you make the right choice for your living room’s decor.

Consider Using Antique Rugs In Your Home

Antique rugs are great at adding depth and warmth to any space especially on wooden floors. Rugs can ground a room as well as adding a splash of colour especially to monotone spaces. Rugs are easier to keep clean too compared to carpets as you can simply transport it to any specialist cleaner without hiring in a carpet cleaner.

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Look at Mixing and Matching Various Styles

Antiques can create a nice contrast in a house where perhaps everything matches. If you are struggling with coming up with ideas of building a cohesive design why not look at hiring the services of an interior designer to help. Here at Shalini Misra we work with clients all the time on their interior design to help create spaces that meets their aesthetic and functional needs.

Adding Antique Lighting Helps Emphasise the Vintage Look

Adding to your home an antique lamp or authentic chandelier means you are doing what modern lights are trying to replicate anyway. Look at focusing on wall and floor lamps as these give wonderful accents without the worry of overwhelming other elements in the room that make up your overall design. To emphasise the vintage look consider using LED bulbs.

antique lamp and authentic chandelier lighting

Look at Renovating Your Antiques

Think about restoring any antiques, even though you may feel that antiques are better left in their original condition. Consider also the idea of using an expert to restore any antiques that have been damaged in any way to their former glory. You could also use this as an opportunity to make them fit into an available space a little better. Old furniture for example may need reupholstering. However, you can still keep the original furniture intact whilst choosing a modern fabric to meet your style.

Choose Just One Small Piece

Choosing just one small piece of antique furniture to add to your space is sometimes the best choice. Small items such as antique vases can make a lovely addition to your space, and certainly packs a punch. Aim to add single items of antiques to your space instead of overwhelming the room with too many to allow that piece to shine. An antique dressing table or desk for example can do wonders to any modern bedroom design, and to add that special feel.

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