Shalini Misra Ltd Is a London based design and interior architecture studio with a diverse portfolio of international projects with a loyal clientele.

Shalini is a respected designer and principle of the company that she founded in 1996, specialising in residential and commercial property design, interiors and property development. The company, Shalini Misra Limited, has been the recipient of a number of international awards for its work and Shalini herself has built a notable reputation for her creative, erudite and artistic approach to interiors.

After qualifying in Architecture from the Delhi School of Architecture and Planning (SPA) in India, she then studied Urban Planning at the University of Columbia. After a spell of working in New York, Shalini moved to London and attended the Bartlett School of Architecture where she studied Virtual Reality in Architecture as a postgraduate student.

The unifying feature of the work is a basis in original design, traditional handmade craft techniques and finding and developing ideas with artisans and workshops.

Art is a pivotal feature of Shalini Misra’s work, collaborations with international artists, designers as well as galleries and dealers. In addition to curating and sourcing collections, innovative bespoke design is initiated and made in partnership with designers and workshops.

Named as one of House & Garden magazine’s Top 100 Interior Designers, the practice’s spectacular residential project in Chelsea’s Gilston Road won the inaugural ‘Project of the Year’ accolade at 2018’s prestigious ceremony.

She is on the board of Tate on its South Asian Acquisition Committee and judges for the International Property Awards, LAPADA.

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Spatial Planning & Architectural Design

Our team provides a luxury interior design and interior architecture service to suit the client’s requirements. We work closely with a team of consultants including structural engineers, mechanical and electrical engineers, planning consultants, quantity surveyors, and party wall surveyors to provide a complete architectural solution.

We are experienced in developing full, detailed schemes for planning applications and party wall awards, in full compliance with building regulations. Once the construction stage begins we manage and coordinate the contractors on-site and with regular site visits. Our in-house architectural team works closely with our interior designers to produce a holistic scheme which is subsequently presented via 3D models to communicate the design.

We feel our expertise is in spatial planning whereby we design the volume by removing all the internal walls and then placing them as required; we believe strongly in the concept of addition through subtraction.

Mood & Materials Boards

Mood boards enable the interior designer to illustrate visually the direction of style which they are pursuing. They serve as a visual tool to quickly inform the client of the overall ‘feel’ or ‘flow’ that the designer is aiming to achieve. The creation of mood boards in a digital form is immediate and we find communicating with the client in this way is very important in the early stages of a project.

We also like to present physical objects in order to offer a complete palette of sensations. We do this in the form of a physical mood board that helps the client get a tangible feel for the materials being proposed and may also include textiles and hard-finishes swatches. Concept designs enable us to communicate how the space is likely to look after the scheme has been completed and allow clients to sign-off the agreed approach prior to the detailed design stage. Additionally we produce visual mood boards to communicate concept designs for key areas and collage boards that focus on general finishes.


For each project we undertake a comprehensive analysis of all furniture, fixtures and equipment that will be needed in your space, influenced by the ways in which you live and use your home. This will range from major pieces of furniture and art, wall and floor finishes, to details such as light switches and door knobs in order to create a fluid scheme unique to your needs. The pieces and finishes will range from bespoke to readymade all within the scope of your project needs and time-frame.

We source not only from our extensive supplier base but thoroughly research all items for each project to ensure we create the optimal scheme. We maintain a schedule of orders and deliveries with all product details, from dimensions to finishes, and plan the delivery schedule to coordinate with the works and stages of the project. We handle all of the coordination and communication with the suppliers, architects, project manager and beyond to ensure a smooth process for the project installation.

Bespoke Craftsmanship

The bespoke product is used to enhance the strong concept of the interiors with colour, texture and shape which are all specifically crafted. We are very proud to have spent many years discovering our own unique catalogue of artists and craftsmen with whom we have very strong working relationships. Each highly skilled tradesmen create bespoke furniture pieces, unique lighting and soft furnishings of the highest quality for timeless style.

One off pieces are designed and created using unique and specialised methods and by using a variety of materials. Glass, steel and wood can be used together in one coffee table, uniquely embroidered wallpapers or crafted bronze panels, and luxurious leather floorings. We feel we create a dialogue between the artist, designers, clients and the piece produced.

Arts & Interiors

Curating, collecting and creating art is a skill and passion that Shalini holds dear to her heart and her practice’s method of deign. Never separating a space from the art within it or art from the spaces it could be in, there are no boundaries but a continuum.

Pieces often narrate the design language of the space influencing the colours, textures and even the sizes of the rooms when remodeling a home.

Further to curating clients’ collections, SML works closely with master artisans, craftsmen and designers to collaborate on bespoke pieces which are unique to our spaces.

Interior Styling

In the initial concept stage of each project we take into account the era of the property, its geographical location and the personality of its occupants to ensure that is starts off in the right ‘style direction’. We then create and develop the conceptual ‘look and feel’ for the project.

Alongside the detailed design stage our talented team of designers will source all finishing accessories for your home. We will find individual items from all over the world to compliment and perfectly reflect the character of the client and home.

We also offer a styling service for show apartments. Our furnishing and interior design expertise can transform the vision for the development into a stunning and highly marketable reality. Styling items include furniture, lighting and window dressing, small accessories such as vases, glassware and table settings.

We can also update and refresh your existing home, simply by adding some new accessories and decorative elements.